Three days ago, on June 25, 2019–the sandwich store in Mendocino had just closed for the day–we gave a ride to a young couple of traveling dykes to Albion. The two stayed on D-Road with a 75-year old feminist who still farmed the land herself and played her ukulele at night. She told them that Valerie Solanas, who was then known as Onz Loh, came to this world for solstice on December 20, 1986, and left on February 23rd 1987 after she learned that Andy Warhol had died the day before. She wrote a beautiful lamentation that she performed on a ukulele for a group of seven: two rocks that didn’t move much throughout the entire game, a bishop, a knight, and an anxious queen who craved to give birth to a son she could name Cameron. Instead, she had a daughter named Clara. Fourteen months later, on April 25, 1988, Valerie Solanas died in a single occupation room at the Bristol Hotel in San Francisco, and Clara kept the ukulele.